Collection of Joerg's C-programs

(last updated February 17th 2016)

I spent most of my professional life writing programs and even do it as a hobby from time to time. I wrote various application programs that might be useful for others as well. All programs below are under the Apache license.

Note that all my programs are written in ANSI-C, possibly using POSIX- standardized functions where appropriate. Thus I expect only minor problems when porting to a new platform.

All programs below are published as gzipped TAR archives suitable to be unpacked and compiled under Linux and various other UNIXes. Alternatively, I can provide ZIP archives on demand to be compiled under Windows.

As a third option, I can provide a "merged" version of programs. The merged version consists of one C file for the main program, one C file for the library (i. e. the reusable part), and one single header defining the API of the reusable part. This is convenient for use in some IDE's where you only want to add a C source and a header to your project. Just drop a me mail and will send such a version to you.

Any questions, bugs, improvements, mail to my-first-name AT die-Schoens DOT de